You + Me. (A book to give to your best friend/s)

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From the Author of 'Notes to My Future Daughter' and 'Notes to my Future Son' comes a book filled with love and gratitude for the special friendships in our life.

This is a book about friendship.
 A book of notes
 articulating the things you have needed to or have wanted to say to your best mates.


The best ones are the people that you trust
 not to judge you.
 The ones that have either been around the longest or through the best 
or the worst 
+ everything in between.
The ones that you lean on
 + who lean on you.
 The ones that help you laugh into the places that hurt. The ones that have your back.
 They know the little things
 + the big things.
The ones that tell you there’s parsley in your teeth. That make you a better person.
 That know what you’re thinking sometimes before you do.
The ones that you can sit with
 and not say a thing
 because you need to be alone
but need a heartbeat by you.
 They are the ones
 that know 
when you need space 
+ when you need to be held

These are the People you gift this book to.


Book by Catie Gett

86 notes, 10X15cm, 280 GSM cover, 110 pages