Think Thornbury Shop - Frequently Asked Questions


Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you?


Think Thornbury is located at 800 High Street, Thornbury. Woi Wurrung. Victoria.

Our neighbours are 'The Thornbury Picture House' and 'The Dogs Lounge'. We're also directly opposite 'Carwyn Cellars'.

Between all of us you can see a movie, get your dog washed, grab a 6 pack of your favourite craft brew and pick out a present from the BEST curation this town has to offer!


Who are you?

We’re Maggie May and Josh. MM is an artist. Josh is a musician. 


What is Think Thornbury?

We're an amazing gift shop. We aim to stock beautiful things that make the best presents


When are you open? 

 Monday : 10am - 4pm
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday - Thursday : 10am - 4pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Public Holidays 11am - 3pm

Please check our google listing for updated times as they can change last minute. 


Do you gift wrap? 

100000% We LOVE to gift wrap. We use brown paper and a water based ink stamp on the paper. It's all compost friendly and looks perfect tied up with a big ribbon. You can pick the colour of the ribbon. 

Yes, we still gift wrap during busy periods *ahem Christmas* and we're more than happy to do it. Sometimes you might just have to be a tiny bit patient if we've got a few people who need wrapping, but we're very speedy. 


Do you have bags?

Sorry fam, we don't have bags. But you've got like 50 canvas totes in a drawer somewhere in your house don't you? :)


How do you pick the things for your shop?

Maggie May curates Think Thornbury. She does this by spending a lot of time researching and exploring. We don’t pick things out of catalogs and we try and stock things that aren’t already available locally. We love locally made things that have heart and a story behind them.


Can you stock the thing that I make?

We’d love to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for new beautiful things BUT Check out what we already stock, research the shop and who we are. We like local, sustainable, ethically manufactured and original ideas.

Please remember that we get a lot of inquiries and you might not hear back from us. If we say “No, Thank You” it’s not always a reflection of you and what you’re making, it might just not be right for us right now. 

If you’re getting started with a new brand or idea and you’re keen for some feedback Maggie May offers a professional creative consulting service and will give you some advice on what you’re doing and how to put yourself on the path to success.

Please don't DM us on Instagram, we won't read it. 


When is my order shipped?

Pretty much immediately!

Please read our T&C’s for postage.

You’re also welcome to pick up your order at the shop. Click ‘pick up’ when placing your order and we’ll let you know when it’s ready for pick up. 


When will my order be ready for pick up?

ALSO pretty much immediately, if we're open.

You'll get a notification on the email you placed your order from. Be sure to check your junk mail and add us to your 'safe senders' list. Feel free to give us a call *during opening hours* to get an update on your order.

Do you ship interstate?

YES. Flat rate shipping AUSTRALIA WIDE. 


Do you ship overseas?

We offer international shipping to NEW ZEALAND. You can select this at the checkout. There are two options, if you're getting something bulky PLEASE select the big option for shipping. It's awks when we have to ask you to check out again with the correct shipping.

It's so expensive to send things overseas, we're happy to give you a quote but it will be above AU$50 for most places. Sorry, we don't set the prices :(

Please don't select NZ shipping if you're trying to send something to somewhere that is not NZ. Yes congratulations, you've hacked the international shipping checkout but it's not gonna be enough to cover shipping to somewhere that is not NZ. Thank you!


What are your Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions?

You're very welcome to purchase an online gift voucher, this is valid online. 

You can also purchase an "In-Store" gift voucher in the shop, we'll print you out a nice piece of paper and it can say To: and From:

Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. If you lose your voucher, Think Thornbury cannot magic the code back for you! Treat your voucher like cash, if you lose it, it's gone. 

Vouchers are valid for 36 months from date of purchase, but do try and pop in as soon as you can.

There are no refunds for change of mind or failure to redeem voucher within the 36 month period.

If your voucher is expired we are unable to extend it. 36 months is HEAPS of time :)

PS: Please be nice to us, it's a real shame if you misplace your gift voucher but once they leave the shop they're your responsibility. :) Keep it somewhere safe and use it quickly so you can enjoy it. 


Please email us or call us if you have a present emergency. 

If you need it urgently, or yesterday, ask us nicely and we’ll do our very best to help you.



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