She Rides Like the Wind: The Story of Alfonsina Strada

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She was considered the "devil in her skirt" and "queen of pedals" Italian cycling icon Alfonsina Strada made a lot of headlines in the 1920s when she competed in the prestigious Giro d'Italia bike race - despite the rules because only men were allowed to participate.

The story of this extraordinary, courageous woman tells as fast as the wind: about her childhood in the Italian province, her love of cycling, her longing for freedom and an impressive career.

The multi-award-winning Spanish illustrator and writer Joan Negrescolor presents with his colorfully illustrated picture book a plea for overcoming gender stereotypes.

Award-winning illustrator and author Joan Negrescolor's work is full of expressive characters. The winner of the Junceda Award 2018 and other international prizes, he has been a professional illustrator since 2008 and worked on several non-profit cultural initiatives geared towards social change and awareness. This is his 6th book.