Self-Promotion Without Social Media

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What does self-promotion look like without social media? This guide reveals how creatives and solo business owners from all industries can increase their visibility, attract clients and market their work, without the daily grind of active social media promotion.

About the book
Self-Promotion Without Social Media is a unique publication that combines tried and tested ideas, tips for success, workbook-style prompts and checklists, stories and lessons learned through the author’s own business journey, plus interviews with small business owners about their self-promotion experiments. This helpful guide will leave you feeling energised about all of the self-promotion activities available, with a roadmap to turn those ideas into reality.

Key features
Written in a short, sharp format that emphasises practicality and dives straight into the benefits of different self-promotion activities

Full of prompts and space to write, to encourage you into action

A handy, throw-it-in-your-bag size

Features interviews with Jeremy Wortsman of The Jacky Winter Group, Fatuma and Laurinda Ndenzako of Collective Closets, Jenna Hipgrave of The Hungry Workshop, Yvonne Meng of Circle Studio Architects, photographer Elizabeth Bull, and writer Anna Featherstone.

Printed in Australia

Who is it for?
This guide is for people who: 

DIY their social media promotion/self-promotion

feel overwhelmed by the constant need to be ‘on’ social media for the sake of their business success

believe that the time and resources they are putting into self-promotion on social media isn’t generating results

don’t want to be active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at all! There are many other avenues for self-promotion outside of the big social media players; and/or

want to start a new business and approach marketing in a strategic way.

Artists, designers, writers, consultants, illustrators, coaches, retailers, musicians, educators, filmmakers, architects, stylists, editors, craftspeople, directors, online business managers, entrepreneurs, sole traders and solo business owners will find Self-Promotion Without Social Media: 33 Ways to Get Seen, Feel Connected, and Grow Your Business especially helpful.