Balm - Boxed Votive Candle

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Öde Studio Candles are crafted by hand with care in Melbourne. Each scent is a journey, beautifully packed in textural boxes with impressionistic Australian landscapes hand-painted by artist Julian Jones. 

Perfect for all gifting occasions, illuminate your space with more than just a candle – ignite memories and embrace moments.



Brisk air stirs slept corners,
light leaks in, to greet.
Citrus, floral, crinkled linen.
A big breath of a new day's air.

Soy Wax Candle
200ml | 40 hours
Designed & hand poured in Melbourne

Fragrance notes
Top: Citrus Peel
Mid: Lavender, Blood Orange
Base: Linen


On first use, allow the candle to burn to the perimeter of the vessel to avoid hollowing. Trim the wick half a centimetre before relighting.