First, Cream the Butter and Sugar

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First, Cream the Butter and Sugar: The essential baking companion by Emelia Jackson.

Make baking your happy place. It's not so much a science; it's practice plus play, which becomes instinct and then art. And even the failures are delicious.

'There's no better hand to hold than Emelia's to lead you to baking bliss' Alice Zaslavsky

Welcome to First, Cream the Butter and Sugar - the ultimate guide for everyone who loves cake. Whether you're here for the only choc chip cookie recipe you'll ever need, or you're setting your sights on conquering an opera cake, a raspberry passionfruit tart or becoming a choux-master, Emelia Jackson has done the homework on behalf of us all.

For those who love a good homemade cake but don't love sifting flour and icing sugar (is it really necessary?) and enjoy a shortcut (do I need to wait hours for my eggs to reach room temp?), Emelia breaks down the steps that truly matter and dispenses with those that don't. Packed with advice for every level of home baker, this is the modern baking reassurance you need, whether it's the night before the birthday party or just a Sunday afternoon for baking something sweet to get you through the week.


About the Author

Emelia Jackson loves to make people happy through butter and sugar. One of Australia's most sought-after cake designers, she is best known internationally for being victorious in the 2020 MasterChef Back to Win series, where she displayed her razor-sharp focus and generosity towards other contestants to become one of the best-loved in the show's history. After gaining a triple degree in psychology, management and marketing, Emelia applied her determination and drive to building a food career, initially as a food stylist and recipe tester, and later performing countless food demos for audiences around the world. Her focus on the perfect cake or pastry knows no bounds. Emelia lives in Melbourne with her partner and young daughter.