Birdsnake x Starward NOVA Whisky & Organic Sultanas

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Melbournes' very own award winning Starward whisky distillery and Birdsnake are very proud to present to you this limited edition chocolate bar.

Carefully created, this 70% Dark Chocolate uses sustainably produced cacao from Kemito Ene, founded by the Ashaninka people from the Ene river. Organic Sultanas are soaked in deliciously balanced and bold Starward NOVA Whisky. Once dehydrated the Sultanas are carefully folded through the Chocolate, resulting in an elegant, complex and decadent treat. 

Made in Australia from Melbourne distilled whisky and imported ingredients.

Organic cacao beans, Organic cane sugar, Organic cocoa butter, diced Organic sultanas, Nova single malt whisky.