Artichoke to Zucchini Book by Alice Oehr

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An alphabet of delicious things from around the world

A is for artichokes and long spears of asparagus. It’s for bright, creamy avocados and salty little anchovies ...

From apple pie to zeppole, and everything in between, Artichoke to Zucchini introduces young readers to fruit, vegetables, and dishes from around the globe. Full of tasty favourites and delicious new discoveries, it’s sure to lead to inspiration in the kitchen!

Following from the award-winning Off to The Market, acclaimed artist Alice Oehr takes you on a mouth-watering trip through the alphabet and around the world.

Ages 3–7 | 270mm × 240mm/10.63” x 9.45” | 30pp | CMYK + 1 Pantone | Flush-cut cover

‘This delightful picture book is perfect for growing little foodies aged 2–6. … Oehr’s illustrations burst off the page with freshness and colour. … The text is gushing but fluid, full of palpable excitement for the possibilities of food.’
—Fay Helfenbaum, Books+Pubishing

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