Where's Bowie? Bowie in Space: 500-Piece Puzzle

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Not unlike the lyrical genius of David Bowie, jigsaw puzzles are at times mystifying yet always satisfying. Not only is the Where’s Bowie? 500 piece jigsaw puzzle a fun 500-piece detail-focused puzzle, it’s also a ‘Find Bowie’ interactive adventure. On the finished puzzle, hidden in multiple places across the detailed image, Bowie – in his various chameleonic guises – is patiently waiting to be spotted by a well-trained eye. It’s like Where’s Wally? but, well, better, because it’s about Bowie! This jigsaw is jam-packed with Bowie references that might even teach the most hardened Bowie-aficionado a thing or two.


In case you missed it – jigsaws are back, baby! Give yourself a much-needed digital detox, turn off your phone/tablet/laptop screens, grab a stiff drink, and put on your puzzle hat. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is going to take some good ol’ fashion puzzling. Maybe whack on Aladin Sane, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, or whichever Bowie record you adore the most, for the ideal backing track to your puzzle-solving adventure.




A word from Maggie May. I adore David Bowie. We almost called Remy, Bowie, such is my love for him. But then Josh was like 'why not Coltrane?' and we decided not to go down that rabbit hole of trying to pick our favourite musician.

When Josh and I arrived at our wedding reception our friends played 'Let's Dance' as Josh carried me into the hall. It was an epic was to start our marriage. If i'm ever feeling low, I put on 'Let's Dance' and work out all those tricky feelings belting out the words. It's a good time. You should try it. Give it a go. 

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