What's Real? Vinyl Record- JK GROUP

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The newest release from JK Group, pressed right here in Preston with Program Records. An essential to add to your collection. 


Josh Kelly - Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute

Erica Tucceri - Flute (Kempton & Kempton Remix)

James Bowers - Rhodes (What's Real?)

Lewis Moody - Rhodes & Synthesiser

Matt Hayes - Bass

Zeke Ruckman - Drum Kit

Oli Savill - Percussion (Kempton)

Phil Stroud - Production on Kempton Remix


Mixed by Lewis Moody

Produced by Lewis Moody and Josh Kelly

Engineered by Ari Rose and Carl Lindberg

Mastered by Jack Prest

Artwork and Graphic Design by Luke Ebert


All tracks are composed by Josh Kelly (JK Group) and one of your favourite Think Thornbury owners!

Recorded on October 14 & October 15 at Plug Seven Studios, Collingwood.

Additional tracking at various home studios




Releases: October 1st, 2021.


Physical EP expected October 14th, 2021




Track listing: 


What’s Real?






Kempton (Phil Stroud Remix)







A collective of forward-thinking "jazz" musicians from Australia. We owe our thanks and gratitude to the founding mothers and fathers of the music people call jazz. We respect and continuously study their legacy whilst embracing our current surroundings in making music that honestly reflects our time and space.





The second batch of tunes we hit record on, though the sessions could not have been more different to the first. Where The Young Ones was meticulously planned, this recording was made on a whim as the busy touring musicians happened to line up their respective touring schedules at the same time. Many of the songs were just sketches, musical experiments that were leaping off out of the territory of the first record and pushing the sound in a number of different directions at once. Some tunes were still in progress right up until the moment of recording, and one was written on the spot in the studio. There was no focus or talk of outcomes for a future release. As with all experiments, some songs did not make the cut. But the selections that have made it onto this vinyl really capture the magic and spontaneous energy of the session with the musicians in full flight, in sync. We welcome Phil Stroud to the collective to offer up a rework of one of these tracks, and further deepen the dialogue between jazz and electronic music.





Conceived, written, recorded, and printed on land that historically belongs to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge the traditional owners and pay our respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging.