Twisted Tomato Hot Sauce

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Think Friday nights, think cheesy fries - think whatever you want about ketchup! But don't be fooled, this isn't just any old tomato sauce.

Coming in strangely familiar is this humble bottle of fermented tomato hot sauce. Containing 100% tomatoes from Ultra Culture's garden, it grabs at your tastebuds with it's tang, and hangs on with the addition of red-hot jalapeños. You know you've tasted it somewhere before, but you just can't remember where... 



tomatoes, red jalapeños, red onion, salt, malt vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, spices and tarragon

100% vegan and 100% delicious


About Ultra Culture

Ultra Culture is the freaky fermented flavour fantasy of long time lovers Alex and Holly. They believe in conscious consumption, nothing goes to waste in the UC kitchen. Wild new products are created from scraps and turned into liquid gold. 

UC products honour seasonal ingredients and are ever changing. Our fermented products are alive, so not only are they delicious they are good for you too! All UC products are vegan and gluten free, good for your gut, earth and animals.

A word from Maggie May & Josh: We heard through our foodie friends that Alex and Holly had something special going on at Ultra Culture. Then we were delighted to hear they were also working out of Suntop Plaza in Brunswick East. If you're looking for excellent food and community then you're going to find it within SP. Check out Murph's Food Co Op if you're reading this too. Honestly, it's lovely to see the magic happening in our town.