The Tote Hotel - Model Kit

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Gin and Apathy is a Melbourne based company who specialise in Custom Lasercut Models that replicate architectural masterpieces or your favourite pub. Their range of Flatpacked Distractionsare fun, simple to construct kits of excellent buildings around the world. These wonderful earthly buildings clip together without tools or glue, and allow you to enjoy the structure itself with minimum hassle. Unlike everything from Ikea. 




Supplied in 2 x A5 pre-cut bamboo sheets.

Approximate build time: 30mins.

No tools required for construction.

Assembled size 115x137x70mm.



Sticky carpets, broken glass. The Meanies, The Triffids, Eddy Current, King Gizzard, The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Birthday Party, The Drones. You'd need a lot of white and pink paint to cover a wall with every band that ever played in this less than salubrious venue.  

The model is flat packed. I cannot stress this enough. Is it difficult to build? With a bit of patience and time, you'll get there. It's not a race! Enjoy it!

If you would like me to assemble it for you, there is nothing that I would enjoy more. It'll set you back another $50 for my time ;)




A word from Maggie May: I used to work at this awesome 'hole in the wall' t-shirt printing place, which I kinda stumbled into working at and after the first interview (where Ed and John decided I was fit and able to put pictures of peoples cats and dogs on t-shirts) spent the better part of twoish years working at... I'm not really sure because I never officially quit, I just left and started Think Thornbury with Josh. Sorry guys, I think you both probably knew better than me what I was getting myself into and had a good laugh haha.

Anyway, I maintain that working at Das Automat was the best job I ever had and would never have left except to start my own shop, which I did.


If you need to put a picture of something on a t-shirt or any other fabric, Das Automat is excellent and a local company. You can't go wrong.

Ed and Sue, the excellent creators of Gin and Apathy are my old boss and, well Sue was in charge of me but I also remember her setting me up for a lot of trouble at the Christmas party. They're the best kinds of people to work for and with and I adore these models.