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The School of Life - The Dilemmas Game

The School of Life - The Dilemmas Game

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Test your moral mettle with the ethical challenges of The School of Life's Dilemmas Game.

Laying out some emotionally complex hypotheticals, The Dilemmas Game confronts you with scenarios where the right thing is hard to see, and invites you to talk out how you'd react in that situation. 

Tough and occasionally revealing, this simple game might surprise you as you imagine yourself between a rock and a hard place. Pressure can highlight unexpected sides to ourselves, giving you something to reflect on long after you've finished.

Best shared with good friends, The Dilemmas Game helps you see yourself and your loved ones in a new light, with a kind of vulnerability that can lead to real growth.



Card game

Box measures 129mm x 90mm x 24mm

52 prompt cards

Designed in the UK