The Office: 500-Piece Puzzle

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As you assemble The Office Jigsaw Puzzle, the 500 pieces will reveal the faces of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim and Pam, and all the iconic characters from the greatest sitcom ever. This is one for the fans of the TV show that keeps Netflix funded, and that continues to gather ever more fans. Pop on the show while you’re doing the jigsaw for the full immersive experience.  


A word from Maggie May:


I wrote a really good description for this. Then my computer ran out of battery and I lost it. I've been building this website whilst I listen to reruns of 'The Office' in the background. I'm not sure if it's because having a browser with a Tv show drains more battery power or if it's some kind of hilarious coincidence that I was writing the description for The Office Puzzle at the same time made some kind of 'critical mass office overload' in the room that caused the description to be lost to the winds of time.

Anyway. I guess we'll never know what it said.

If you like the office you should buy this puzzle.

Also (a little bit like the fictional folks at Dunder Mifflin) we're a small business (except we're real, we really exist, like, somewhere in the world right now we're living and breathing). Think about how you're doing an awesome thing by buying it from us and not a huge mammoth enterprise like Amazon or booksbooksandmorebookssuperstore. 

Love MM xx


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