The Joy of Better Cooking Box

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Because we love gifting, and we love making things as easy breezy as they can be for you, we're delighted to introduce Think Thornbury GIFT BOXES!

All our gift boxes arrive BEAUTIFULLY GIFT WRAPPED and in our signature Think Thornbury present box. All you have to do is pick a card and tell us what to write and where to send it!

The Joy of Better Cooking is the kind of cookbook we should all be reaching for to inspire and build confidence in the kitchen. Alice Zaslavsky has put together another joyous and colourful cook book that is vegetable heavy and helpful when you're in the need of delicious and straightforward advice in the kitchen.

Prepare yourself for new Go-tos for weeknights meals (when you're short on time and putting a meal on the table is the last thing you might feel like doing.) advice on how to make the most of your leftovers (who doesn't love building a meal out of the weird stuff in your fridge like some kind of mad scientist) weekend meals to delight your guests and (as all good meals should end) there are lots of sweet treats to finish.

We've popped this gift box together with a Happy Spoon, everything should be made with love and a jar of Alice Zaslavsky's Tumami. Tumami is your new secret weapon in the kitchen, it's a little flavour bomb and can be used in cooking or spread it on toast as a delicious quick snack. Nigella famously left Melbourne with a box of it on the plane.


This delightful gift box includes:

1 x The Joy of Cooking

1 x Happy Spoon

1 x 110g Jar of Tumami

Cook books aren't just a nice idea, they're the gift of future meals and nourishment.

Love Maggie May