Tartine: A Classic Revisited

Tartine: A Classic Revisited

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This brilliantly revisited and beautifully rephotographed book is a totally updated edition of a go-to classic for home and professional bakers—from one of the most acclaimed and inspiring bakeries in the world. Tartine offers more than 50 new recipes that capture the invention and, above all, deliciousness that Tartine is known for—including their most requested recipe, the Morning Bun. Favorites from the original book are here, too, revamped to speak to our tastes today and to include whole-grain and/or gluten-free variations, as well as intriguing new ingredients and global techniques. More than 150 drop-dead gorgeous photographs from acclaimed team Gentl + Hyers make this compendium a true collectible and must-have for bakers of all skill levels.

More than 68 New Recipes, including Gluten-Free Options

Almond Rochers ~ Apple Butter ~ Bacon + Eggs Brioche Bun ~ Banana Muffins ~ Black Tea Brownies with Caramel Swirl ~ Blueberry Pie ~ Brioche Jam Buns ~ Buche de Noel ~ Butterscotch Rum Tart ~ Cake Aux Olives ~ Candied Fennel ~ Caramel Sauce ~ Cannelle ~ Cheddar Cheese Oat Crackers ~ Chocolate Buckwheat Tart Dough ~ Chocolate Chess Pie ~ Chocolate Pudding Pie ~ Chocolate Salted Buckwheat Cookies ~ Coconut Macaroons ~ Conchas ~ Creamy Cheesecake with Digestive Biscuit Crust ~ Croissant Baklava Knots & Coffee Cake ~ Dutch Apple Pie ~ Einkorn Doughnuts ~ English Muffins ~ Fausto’s Hot Dog ~ Fruit Cake ~ Flaky Tart Dough for Slab Pies ~ Gluten-Free Crumb Crust ~ Granola Bark ~ Honey Spice Cake ~ Jam Tart ~ Linzer Torte ~ Matcha Almond Cream ~ Matcha Brulee Tart ~ Matcha Croissant ~ Matcha Marble Pound Cake ~ Matcha Pastry Cream ~ Matcha Strawberry Tart ~ Matcha Tart Dough ~ Matcha-Glazed Croissants ~ Mexican Wedding Cookies ~ Millionaire’s Chocolate Caramel Tart ~ Napoleon Cake ~ Oat Digestive Biscuits ~ Orange Passionfruit Preserves ~ Peanut Butter Honey Cookie ~ Pecan Diamonds ~ Raspberry Preserves ~ Rocky Road Brownies ~ Rugelach ~ Russian Napoleon Cake ~ Rye Tart Dough ~ Savory Scones ~ Shortbread with Einkorn and Rye Flour ~ Sour Cream Coffee Cake ~ Stone Fruit Pie ~ Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie ~ Sweet and Salty Pecans ~ Sweet Potato Cake with Meringue Topping ~ Tartine Franciscos ~ Tartine Morning Buns ~ Teff Carrot Cake ~ Thumbprint Cookies ~ Upside-Down Cake ~ Victoria Sponge

About the Authors

Elisabeth Prueitt is a cookbook author and the cofounder of Tartine Bakery and Tartine Manufactory. She lives in San Francisco.