Spark Happiness

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Happiness, big idea in a little box. When I stop to really appreciate the way my coffee tastes, or how lovely the light looks coming in through the window when I wake up, or how lucky I am to live in Thornbury I feel a lot happier. It's could be easy to take those things for granted and forget to notice them. 

Use these 'matches' as a way to start building little moments of consistent happiness in your world.

Small moments of happiness are the things that are all around us that we forget to appreciate. What makes you happy? Fresh sourdough toast? Finishing a puzzle? Having a hot bath? Start your own Happiness Ideas box and share it with us. 

Love Maggie May


Happiness in a box: Full of inspiring ideas for sharing and cultivating moments of joy, appreciating bright spots, and celebrating the everyday. This petite and sweet box of prompts makes an excellent gift. It’s the gift of inspiration, with prompts that will inspire a joyful outlook and everyday wonder- making it a great way to affordably give the gift of a new perspective and fresh discoveries. Includes 50 faux matchsticks with printed prompts.