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Saturn Mug- XL

Saturn Mug- XL

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A beautiful large mug perfect for a cup of tea. Made with pale blue and earth colour glazes, each mug features a round 'Saturn' motif on each side.

10cm D x 8.5 cm H


Each piece is handmade therefore it is probably going to look slightly different to this picture.

If that's not your vibe let us know PRIOR to purchase and read our T&C. xx


About Unearthed Ceramics Melbourne

All Unearthed Ceramics are lovingly made by Katrina, in her home garden studio in Preston, Melbourne. She is passionate about using ethically sustainable materials with my ceramics and production, choosing to use recycled and re-usable materials to support this commitment. She uses beautiful native flora from her garden, with the purpose to evoke memories and moments of shared times outside.