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Oil Burner - Textured Gloss White Glaze

Oil Burner - Textured Gloss White Glaze

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Oil Burner - Textured Gloss White Glaze


Add a candle and your favourite oil blend to this and you've got a recipe for some magical ambience. 

Beautiful when you're using it and when you're not.



The inside of this oil burner bowl is glazed white, for the perfect beautiful functionality. (always keep the bowl topped with water when using)

Do not leave burning unattended.




If you're looking for a stunning oil to accompany this, please have a look at our range from Happy Society.


11cm Tall x 11cm Wide




Each piece is handmade therefore it is probably going to look slightly different to this picture.

If that's not your vibe let us know PRIOR to purchase and read our T&C. xx





About Kumhara Clay


Alicia is the founder of Melbourne based brand Kumhara Clay. Alicia focuses on simplicity and functionality of form focusing mostly on tableware. Kumhara Clay pieces seek to create a feeling of space and calm allowing for peace of mind in our busy world. 

Alicia hopes her work encourages the coming together, enjoying and sharing a meal with family and community.

Each piece is thoughtfully wheel thrown in her North Fitzroy studio. 

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