Magnesium Moisture Bath Soak - Calm

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A fresh-made chamomile, clary sage + bergamot scented soak to soothe muscles and senses, leaving skin hydrated and your mind calm! Inspired by our popular CALM FLOWERFACE mist, Its a cheerful, burst of happy vibes.


A beautiful gift with CALM self-care gift box for yourself or a friend.




Simply run a bath or pour hot water into a bowl for a foot bath, shake tub and swirl in 2 tablespoons of CALM into the water, and soak! Dont be stingy, this soak is made for self-care so be kind to yourself!




Dehydrated coconut milk, magnesium chloride, Epsom salts, pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil blend, dried chamomile buds.


A beautiful self-care gift for a friend or yourself.


Made in small batches, by hand in Melbourne, Australia.