Lover Diffuser Blend Essential Oil 10ml

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Our LOVER blend is a combination of warm, rich notes of cocoa, delicate floral notes of rose, and grounding earthy notes of West Australian sandalwood carried by a gentle Australian citrus oil. Use our body oil on self or partner massage, spritz our space mist on your bedding or diffuse our pure oil blend to take you to a realm of pleasure and relaxation.

Cocoa Absolute - Rich, chocolatey, intense, relaxing, uplifting, aphrodisiac, mood-enhancing, comforting, soothing, indulgent

Rose Absolute - Sweet, floral, delicate, soothing, calming, rejuvenating, romantic, refreshing, sensual Sandalwood Essential Oil - Warm, woody, earthy, grounding, meditative, spiritual, soothing, centering