Life After Birth

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Life After Birth is your essential guide to the wide and diverse spectrum of motherhood.
In this companion, Jessica Prescott and Vaughne Geary share their evidence-based approach to the lost but ever important art of caring for yourself as a mother, including recipes from their postpartum food delivery service Mama Goodness. They cover everything from herbal wisdom and nutritional support, to sleep and breastfeeding tips, communication tools, managing siblings, how to nourish your body, parent on your period, and so much more.

A stunning hardback with full colour photography, Life After Birth will help you prepare, not just for the first six weeks following your birth, but for the months and years that follow. By tuning into your body, nourishing it, celebrating it and honouring the cyclical nature of womanhood, this book will help you thrive in your new role as a mother.


Jess and Vaughne arrived at the shopfront door almost exactly three years ago with their very first Mama Goodness delivery pack. I ran to the door and excitedly showed Joshua the delicious lasagna, soup and bread. It was the food care package of my dreams. I shared the cookies with him very reluctantly lol.

It was such genuine and comforting support. I really needed it. 

We've proudly stocked Jess's amazing recipe books in the shop for years and this supportive and wonderful book from Jess and Vaughne is packed full of advice, knowledge and recipes that will help you and give you that same genuine comfort and support.