Kookaburra Kookaburra

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Starting with the Kookaburra in the early morning and finishing with a goodnight from the boobook owl this book will take your child on a journey of Australian birdlife discovery!


With 12 original lino printed illustrations of much loved Australian birds each one accompanied by a short rhyme to help children identify and engage with the birdlife around them.


The birds featured are -


Superb Fairy Wren

Australian Raven

Willie Wagtail

Eastern Yellow Robin

Red Wattlebird

New Holland Honeyeater

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Australian Magpie

Spotted Dove

Welcome Swallow


At the back of the book is a little bit of info about each bird.


Bridget Farmer is a printmaker from country Victoria. Originally from Ireland, Bridget's fascination with birds stems from her mother and grandmother. Upon arriving in Australia, Bridget discovered a new array of native birds and her passion for watching, learning about and drawing birds was renewed. She is inspired by the natural world at her doorstep.