Kinto - Cast Amber Beer Glass - 430ml

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Adding a warm, welcoming colour to Kinto's impeccably-designed glassware, the Cast Amber Beer Glass is an addition to your kitchen that will delight you daily.


Made from a lightweight, heat-resistant glass, Kinto's Cast range features unassuming designs that get every detail just so. From the shape of the handle to the curve of the lip, each element has been carefully considered to create glassware that feels natural from the moment you pick it up. Cast's form is deceptively simple, so you never need to think about how much care went into designing it – all you need to do is take a sip, relax and enjoy your drink.


The Cast Amber series includes cups, mugs, jugs and glasses, crafted with a coloured glass that adds a nostalgic touch to everything from your morning coffee to a cup of tea before bed. Delicate as sunlight, the Amber hue invites you back with the warmth and tenderness of an old friend.



Drinking glass

85mm diameter x 120mm H

430ml capacity

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Made of heat-resistant glass

Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China.