High On Design: the New Cannabis Culture

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*PRE ORDER* Released 8th September


The cannabis industry has become a thriving activity. Consuming the plant and using its derivatives have become legal in several countries and paved the way for a new generation of design-savvy and diverse consumers and entrepreneurs.


High on Design showcases the new brands, designs, and creators behind this revolution. Meet the creative minds behind Gossamer, a biannual print magazine for casual weed smokers and curious mind. Learn everything you need to know about pot and weed as a medium for cultural understanding with Mia Park and Dae Lim, creators of Sundae School. Expand your culinary horizon with Michelin-Starred chef, Claus Henriksen who will give you an insight into his haute cannabis cuisine and gourmet herbs. Have a look inside Broccoli, a female-run magazine about cannabis culture and discover the most exciting cannabis businesses around the world from High Road, an award-winning dispensary design studio to Tokyo Smoke, a Canadian cannabis retailer.


While reflecting on the novel aesthetics and trends of contemporary cannabis culture, High on Design also gives a profound view of the phenomenon regarding politics, history, legalization, and society. This is your guide to the best brands, the most stylish dispensaries, the slickest products, and the most creative entrepreneurs.


Editors: gestalten & Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

Release date: May 2020

Format: 21 × 26 cm

Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 256 pages

ISBN:   978-3-89955-880-7


Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi is a writer and creative director. He has lived in Milan, Bogotá, London, New York, Miami, and Berlin, working for platforms such as Monocle and companies like Parley for the Oceans. His latest endeavor is RamaRama, a reforestation project in Colombia.