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A Think Thornbury Gift Voucher. What an excellent and thoughtful present!

We highly recommend a gift voucher if you are thinking of gifting a workshop.


It lets the person you’re gifting the class to pick their class date. 

This is super important because if they can’t attend the date you pick for them we’re not able to switch classes. So, rule number one, don’t buy someone else a class if you’re not 100% sure they can attend. 99% sure? STILL DON’T DO IT! Buy them the voucher, let them book into the class themselves.

You can also use the gift voucher in the shop.

Perhaps they want something beautiful from the shop and ALSO want to do a workshop, a voucher can also be redeemed in the shop. Lots of local goodies. They’ll love it.

Perfect for a group gift!

Ahhh the classic, “we’re all going in on Sharon’s 40th present together”. 

So many opinions from the group about what Sharon would like… 

You know what, it’s Sharon’s birthday and we’re sure she’s going to love it all. 

The most important thing is that she feels loved and there is no better way to say that than...

“Happy birthday Sharon, you can have WHATEVER you want from Think Thornbury, go nuts honey, you deserve it”. 

Have we mentioned how awesome the workshops are? You’ll be sad you don’t get to come too. OH WAIT, you can! Make sure you check if the class has a 10% off ‘bring a friend’. (Not all our classes do, it’s up to the individual teacher, but most do).

How do I buy a gift voucher?

Just pick the amount you want below and buy away!

Please make sure you read our T&C’s as you agree to all of these when you purchase a gift voucher. 

The big one, a Gift Voucher is not redeemable for cash and you have to use it within 3 years from the date of purchase. The gift voucher code can only be used once, so keep it safe and don’t lose it or share it. Think Thornbury is not responsible for someone else using your code if you lose it or share it.