Flowerface Mist - Dreamy

Flowerface Mist - Dreamy

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FLOWERFACE 'dreamy' facemist


Blending pure essential oils & floral water, spray 'dreamy' for a hydrating glow; a calming cloud for your skin, hair & pillow.


An aromatherapy preparation in glass atomiser bottle by BON LUX, to fit in your bag, glovebox, or beside the bed...super great on long-haul flight travel


Directions for use:

Shake bottle, close eyes & spritz on/around face, hair, pillow. The magical blend of lavender, citrus, marjoram + myrrh. Calms, soothes headaches, insomnia & sweetens dreams




vegan, cruelty free

Lavender hydrosol, essential oils of mandarin, lime, lavender, palmarosa, marjoram, myrhh


Made by hand, in Australia