Embroidery Kit - Fuzzy Wattle

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Learn to embroider with this beautiful colorful Australian native flora design.


Delightfully designed the kit contains everything you need to complete your embroidery artwork, even a cup of tea!


"But what do I DO with it?" I hear you asking. Friend, this is art. Give yourself some time and space to craft something that you can hang on your wall and admire. Pop it in your kitchen to look at whilst you wash the dishes and transport yourself to a dreamy bush location far away from the soaps and suds where you can hear kookaburras laughing in the distance.


Nowhere to hang it in the kitchen? Why not put it where you can see it when you fall asleep and inspire dreams of gum trees moving slowly in the breeze. 


If you're thinking "yeah but I'm not creative, I can't do that" I would encourage you to be kind to yourself and give it a go whilst you say nice and encouraging things to that little voice. No one comes into the world knowing how to do everything, it's a skill, and you gotta practice. You got this!


Love Maggie May


This kit contains:

- 2 x embroidery needles needles

- 11 x full skeins of embroidery floss

- 11 x floss bobbins

- An erasable pen

- 18cm embroidery hoop

- 2 x pieces of fabric. One to stitch the design onto (design is NOT printed on fabric, You'll learn how to transfer it), and one to practice your stitches on while you build up your confidence.

- Instruction booklet written by Lily including diagrams and photos

- 6 x adhesive dots to help your transfer the pattern

- Embroidery pattern

- Embroidery scissors

- A tea bag for you to enjoy while you stitch!