Creativity: Your Daily Gift

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Creativity: Your Daily Gift by Meredith Gaston Masnata 

Creativity: Your Daily Gift is a guide to exploring your own creativity and communing with the beauty and inspiration dwelling in your everyday life and world.

Leave behind your workday and ordinary chores, and engage your imagination and creativity by observing details around you. Writing a journal, poetry and stories, drawing and sketching, daydreaming of big and small ideas, welcome creativity into your life and activate and sharpen your senses, awakening your imagination to discover moments of magic.

There is so much we miss as we move quickly and busily about, without paying attention to our surroundings. Arouse your curiosity, deepen your attention and turn creativity into an everyday and exciting way of engaging and living in our rich and colourful world. Start to develop and experience your innate creativity. Experience your life as a work of art, magical and worthy of your attention.

About the Author

Meredith Gaston Masnata is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, artist and passionate wellness advocate who continues to grow her prolific and diverse creative practice. While exhibiting her artwork locally and abroad from a young age, Meredith graduated from the University of Sydney, majoring in Art History and Theory and Gender and Cultural Studies. She has lived and studied in Italy and Germany, travelled extensively, and enjoys life in both rural and urban landscapes.

Continuing her education as an Integrative Health Coach, Meredith frequently features in the media and public sphere discussing wellbeing and creativity in daily life. Her lovingly illustrated books are translated into various languages, her artworks collected worldwide.

Meredith lives with her husband in the Blue Mountains of Australia.