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Craft Kit - Megalicious


In this box, you will find a truly enormous selection of craft materials and activities!

Explore 6 structured craft projects that have detailed instructions and also LOADS of craft materials for free creative play. 



Your MEGA-LICIOUS craft kit contains:

• See Make Play craft booklet with 6 craft activities

• Templates to make each of the 6 activities

• Pom poms

• Sequins

• Pipe cleaners

• Balloons, assorted colours

• Foam stickers

• Paddle pop sticks, coloured and plain

• Straws, coloured and plain

• Gems, small

• Fluoro dots, large and small

• Sticker eyes

• Google eyes, small and large

• Foam eyes, large

• Starbursts, small

• Assorted craft paper

• Split pins

• Feathers, assorted colours

• Collage foam, assorted colours

• Collage paper

• Collage shapes, assorted

• Mini craft foam sheets

• Paper plates

• Confetti 


Kits are suited to primary school-aged children, but if you have a keen bean then give it a go with adult help. 

This kit contains small parts, parental supervision is required. *Choking hazard. 


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