Gift Box - Chotto Motto Family

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Chotto Motto family bundle!! Chotto Motto is a locally loved Japanese restaurant located in Collingwood, Melbourne - famous for their handmade gyoza served with crispy chilli oil the restaurant celebrates Japanese food, drinks, retro vibes and local culture.

Crispy Chilli Oil - Chotto Motto

Say that ten times real fast, we dare ya. Crispy chilli oil from Chotto Motto from right here in Collingwood, for those times you really need to bring the heat. Made in Melbourne and 100% delicious.

Dried Chilli, Sesame Seeds, Fried Garlic, Fried Scallion, Fermented Black Beans, Salt, Sugar & Soy Sauce cooked down in a mix of Sesame Oil & Vegetable Oil. No MSG, just naturally delicious. 212ml.

Magic Spicy Dust - Shichimi Togarashi 

An all purpose spicy seasoning, put it on ramen, tacos, stir fry or whatever you want to spice up! Shichimi has been popular since 17th century Japan when it was sold by the Edo Era hearb dealers, once you taste it you’ll understand why!

A complex mix of Chilli, Hemp Seed, Yuzu Peel, Poppy Seed, Ginger Powder, Aonori, Sancho Pepper & Roasted Sesame Seeds. 55g.

Yuzu Hot Sauce

A game-changing hot sauce from the mind of Chotto Motto head chef Tomoya Kawasaki. Yuzu Hot Sauce combines mild green chillies, yuzu pepper, and the citrus kick of yuzu to create a one-of-a-kind hot sauce. Goes great on tacos, eggs, pizza, sashimi or even oysters!

Vinegar, Salted-Cured Green Chilli, Yuzu peel, Yuzu juice, Xanthan Gum. 100ml.