Chilli 'Cayenne' Heirloom Seeds

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Plants grow to approximately 60cms tall and produce an abundance of slender, long fruit that turn a deep red. Won’t blow your socks off, as so can be used fresh, cured, dried or pasted. A popular heirloom variety.


When to Plant

Zone 1: October - December

Zone 2: September - December

Zone 3: August - March

Zone 4: April - July


For zone map CLICK HERE


Soil The soil should be rich and free-draining. Integrate compost and well-rotted animal manure. A fortnight before planting. Chillies will also benefit from an application of lime.


Soil pH Level 6.5–7.5


Position Sunny, hot position in free draining soil. Don’t plant where hungry crops, such as brassicas, were previously growing.


How to Plant Propagate seeds in individual cells, leaving them outdoors during warm daytime conditions and then indoors at night. Transplant once the daytime temperatures are regularly surpassing 20 degrees as the plant is intolerant of frost.


Spacing 30-40 cm


Depth 0.5 - 1cm


Companion Plants Basil, Parsley


Approximate no. of seeds 12-15


Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination


**Shipping - Not to Western Australia**