Camping Around Australia (4th ed.)

Camping Around Australia (4th ed.)

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You might have seen the previous edition of Camping Around Australia in the four walls of Think Thornbury. This is the newest updated 4th edition! More things to help you plan your awesome camping trip. 


It's a BIG book so if you order this by post, we might have to chuck on an extra $5 for postage.




Now in its fourth edition, Camping around Australia has become the go-to guide for all recreational campers. With over 3200 campsites included across the country, particularly highlighting campsites in national parks and other green areas, the problem isn't finding somewhere to camp – it's deciding which one to choose. Basically the only thing the book doesn't do is set up your tent for you! All of the information has been checked and updated by a team of researchers, including all campsite symbols such as free camping and dog-friendly campsites. We've also included a new symbol for wifi access and note which phone companies you will be most likely to get reception with. So whether you're an urbanite wanting to get back to nature, a family wanting to spend quality time outdoors, backpackers wanting to see the real country or roadtrippers looking for budget accommodation, there's no better guide for navigating Australia's campsites.