Beanie - Rhubarb

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These will give you a reason to love Melbourne winter*! Knitted and dyed in house in Fitzroy, Penelope Durston's gloves and scrumptious beanies are made using natural fibres that will keep you warm and cosy.

*Which may randomly occur between the hours of 1400 and 1630 AEST on approximately 363 days of the year.


Rhubarb: I immediately regret calling this color Rhubarb because I'm thinking about the quickest way possible to getting into the kitchen and making a crumble now... It's my favorite filling for a crumble, I am ok if it's not your favorite but let's not fight about it. You could also say these are a dark redish purpleish pair of gloves, but Rhubard sounds and tastes delicious. 


40% Angora / 60% Lambswool

Handwash or machine wash on wool cycle, tumble dry