Bean 'Windsor Long Pod' Heirloom Seeds

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This popular bush bean has 15-20cm long green, flat pods and attractive, long, deep red seeds. Pick young pods regularly so they are stringless and to promote further flowering and production. 

When to Plant
Zone 1: October - December
Zone 2: September - February
Zone 3: August - April
Zone 4: Any

For zone map CLICK HERE

Soil: Beans fix your soil with nitrogen that they naturally produce, so a moderately fertile, free-draining soil is required. Ensuring pH is within the recommended range.

Soil pH Level 6.5-7.0

Position: Full sun, preferably in an area of your patch that allows them to be trained vertically and therefore conserve space. Plant where you expect to put your brassicas the following season.

How to Plant: Sow directly to the patch at a depth 2-3 times the diameter of the seed. Give a thorough soaking after sowing and then avoid over watering before germination as bean seed has the propensity to rot.

Spacing: 15-20cm

Depth: 2-3cm

Companion Plants: Sweet Corn, Marigold

Approximate no. of seeds: 12-15

Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination

P.S. These are bush beans, so won't require staking!