Basil 'Lemon' Organic Seeds

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A small, bushy, annual plant that gives a zesty basil kick to all your favourite dishes, including a pesto that is excellent paired with seafood. In summer it produces white edible flowers that are a favoured foraging food for native bees. In the right position (sunny) and planting at the right time of the year (warm), this variety of basil is an incredibly easy to grow and adaptable variety, making it perfect for home gardeners.

When to Plant

Zone 1: September – January

Zone 2: September – February

Zone 3: Anytime

Zone 4: Anytime

For zone map CLICK HERE

Spacing: 20 – 25cm         

Depth: 0 – 1cm     

Position: Full sun

Soil: Free Draining with plenty of compost

How to Plant: Early in the season sow in trays, however once sufficiently warm sow directly into the garden near your tomatoes. Plant two seeds in each hole and water in. Keep moist, not wet, until germination.

Companion Plants: Tomatoes

Approximate no. of seeds: 200

Note: We source all of our seeds locally and in small batches to ensure they remain at their maximum viability for germination