Ashkahn - Single Card - Beautiful Smile

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Sometimes love is a complete mystery.

The first time I said 'I love you' to Josh was on a crowded dancefloor. He had the goofiest dance moves that I found completely enchanting. I yelled "I LOVE YOU" across the dancefloor and he gave me the most enormous smile and said it back. 

I'm sure you feel the same way about the smile of the person you love. 

Love Maggie May




Ashkahn Beautiful Smile Card


Ashkahn (pronounced ash-con) is an artist, designer, art director, director and all around bon vivant.


Each card size is A2 - 4.25 x 5.5" / 108 x 139 mm


- letterpressed by hand using a vandercook press and is blank inside

- printed on crane lettra paper 100% cotton rag. no trees used.

- each is unique and one of a kind.

- comes packaged with a fluorescent pink envelope in limited edition.