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The School Of Life - Kindness Prompt Cards

The School Of Life - Kindness Prompt Cards

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This set of 60 kindness cards from The School Of Life is designed to remind us to show compassion and empathy in the day-to-day.

In theory, we are all interested in being kind. These cards are intended to prompt our better natures. Our bad moods and darker thoughts are not who we really are; they are just temptations that sometimes we are too overwhelmed to resist. With charm, the cards present us with a series of thoughts that nurture our sympathy, our powers of compassion, our calmness and our appetite for forgiveness. They return us to who we always want to be and deep down already are: kind people.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008. With branches located worldwide, they are devoted to helping all people think intelligently about central emotional concerns. This brand designs beautiful tools, life accessories and stationery that focus on key ideas from philosophy and literature, to psychology and the visual arts. Their ideas will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind.

QUANTITY: 1 x box of 60 cards
SIZE: 10 x 8 x 2cm
SOURCE: Designed in UK.