Thinkers & Makers Family

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Hello Thinkers, Makers and Doers!! Your fav local shop family is reunited!!! @joshkellymusic has just returned after 4 weeks touring the UK and Europe with his band @thirtyseventy3070. Solo shop parenting and baby wrangling from @middleaisle was fun while it lasted (#neveragain) and we just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who delivered delicious nut free vegetarian food, dropped in, sent lovely supportive messages or stopped Maggie May in the street to give her a cuddle. It was very much appreciated and honesty, she couldn’t have gotten through the last couple of weeks without her kickass community watching her back.

We’re heading full steam into August with an absolutely jam packed month of creative workshops. Honestly, they just keep getting better and better. Our workshop hosts are just so lovely to work with and sharing our @thinkersandmakers_ space with them is one of the best parts of our job. We love to hear from everyone just how at home they feel with us here at TT. Make sure you book online or we can help you out in store! Workshops make the perfect present and we have gift vouchers so the lucky recipient can pick which class/date they want to attend!

The shop is also full of all your favourites, we’re always on standby to help you grab thoughtful gifts from our selection of local stockists.

Open Saturday 11am till 5pm and Sunday 12pm till 4pm.

We open slightly later on Sunday because we go to the @melbournefarmersmarkets in #alphingtonfarmersmarket. Our favs @mossywillowfarm always help us out with delish veggies and then we’re organised for the week... well, there are veggies in the fridge. With two creative careers, a small business, 4 month old baby, cats and dog we’re never short on jobs to do!

Lots of love, hope to see you really soon!

Thinkers & Makers Family (Albsolutley beauiful photo from who hired our space for some special photography yesterday and snapped this as she walked out the door!!)